Friday, September 15, 2006

Illinipundit going negative.

Illinipundit is running continuing negative attacks on Mike Frerichs. Of 54 posts since this race began, 21 are either positive on Judy Myers, or neutral. A whopping 33 are negative against Frerichs. That's 61% negative attacks. It also appears that the republicans went negative far before Mike's recent advertisements. They go all the way back to June of last year. Does this mean that Judy is in trouble, is that why they are so fiercely attacking a great guy like Mike Frerichs. Is it because they are afraid of him? I think its because this race is a lot tighter than they assume, they rarely post about Naomi Jakobsson anymore, mainly because they know she is going to win. Thoughts?

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Judy Myers, Slave to Big Business

Here is just a few donors to Judy Myers campaign. Do these companies know what's best for you?

Campbell, Craig & KimOccupation: president: First National Bank Danville

Coldwell Banker Devonshire

Dukeman, VanOccupation: President & CEOEmployer: Main St. Bank & Trust

Hillard, StevenOccupation: PresidentEmployer: CMI Johnson-Ross

Kuhl, Dave & BarbOccupation: PresidentEmployer: Busey Bank

Lykins, GregoryOccupation: BankerEmployer: Main St. Bank & Trust

Meyer, Jr., August C.Occupation: TrusteeEmployer: Main St. Bank & Trust

Mills, David D.Occupation: President & COOEmployer: Busey Bank

Mills, Douglas C.Occupation: CEOEmployer: Busey Bank

Scharlau, II, Edwinn & CarolOccupation: DirectorEmployer: Busey Bank

Thomas, G. BrianOccupation: PresidentEmployer: CCMSI

Tri Star Marketing

Unicare Life & Health Insurance Co.


Associated Beer Distributors of Illinois

Ford Motor Company Civic Action Fund

Illinois Bank PAC

Now who do you think is more in line with working class values? Judy Myers, or Gifford native Mike Frerichs?

(Disclosure: I do not work for Mike Frerichs)