Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Thoughts on Lieberman

I don't think the Lieberman defeat last night really proves anything new to anybody. The lesson learned is when you live in a liberal state and you are a moderate senator it is easy to lose the Democratic primary. Primaries are generally controlled by fringe interest groups that do not reflect the rest of society very well. Lieberman was a bad politician, who seemed to enjoy angering liberals every chance he could. Don't get me wrong I actually like him quite a bit, I think he is very honest, and has a great civil rights and environmental record. I believe he, much like our Steve Becketts and Tod Satterthwaites, went out of his way to piss his party off, and paid the price. If Lieberman runs as an independent and wins, then what does that prove? It proves that moderates tend to do better with the general population and not as well with our interest group controlled primaries, which is really not a new lesson. Any Thoughts?


At 9:46 PM, Anonymous j-dub said...

I agree, this doesn't really mean a whole lot in terms of the big picture.

It also sounds as if he lost this primary on the war issue by itself, and that's about it.

The majority of voters (not just the really, really, Democratic ones) will realize that putting 1 senator into congress, who's against the war, will not single-handedly remove troops from Iraq.

This in turn means there won't be a whole lot of one issue voters come election time.

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