Wednesday, July 26, 2006

County Fair

So I was just wondering why it is that the Republican day at the county fair is the same day as senior citizens day, the day that seniors get in free, and why its this way every single year. Democrat day tends to be on harness racing day. Democrats are allowed to speak to the largely uninterested crowd, waiting to watch the races. Next year you better believe the Dems will be raising hell to make sure it doesn't happen again.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Where are the Republicans?

I was at the county fair today, walking around, checking out the local political scene, I even ate a delicious fried twinkie. As I walked by the republican table I noticed that no one was there. It was a sealed up tent. I then walked by the Democrat table and they were handing out balloons, greeting people, giving people water, and handing out literature. They seemed like they may even have been overstaffed. So my question, for you Republicans out there, maybe you should quit watching Jason Barickman and Fred Welch do all the work and actually show out at events. Although then again you could just continue lighting cigars with cash and laughing at poor people, and allow us to smash you this fall.

I'm Back

Hello Champaign Urbana. The Listener has returned. Expect a newer better listener, with daily updates.