Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Governor Blagojevich is wrong

Governor Rod Blagojevichs quixotic quest to ban assault weapons is dead wrong. He will not be punishing criminals, he will punishing honest gun collectors. Criminals do not use automatic assault weapons, they are far too expensive. The ONLY people that use them are collectors. As a matter of fact there has only been one crime committed in the state of Illinois in its entire history. I'd rather the governor go after the real robbers in this state, the governors buddies that keeping getting no bid contracts from the state. But Somehow I doubt he will do that.

Mayor Schweighart is Right

The holiday invented by Scott Cochrane in order to earn more money of the destruction of campustown must be put to an end. Scott Cochrane should no longer be allowed to serve on the liquor advisorer committee, if he is unwilling to step down(which it sounds like), the city council should remove him. If you don't think that "Unofficial" was and is a terrible day for campus town, ask a police officer or fire fighter that had to work on campus that day how it was. It was a day that ended in the first death of the holiday, something most students I've talked said was only a matter of time. The most interesting idea I heard from Sundays News-Gazette was the idea to have professors assign mandatory tests. I think that would do more to curb drinking on that day than anything else. Does anyone else have an ideas?

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Young Republicans

So I'm browsing a few local political sites and I come across the Champaign Young Republicans site and the first thing I see is this picture. Just curious but hold old is the age requirement for a young republican?

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Paul Mangieri Democratic Candidate for State Treasurer will be in Cu this Friday (3/10) at 8:45am at the Illini Union in Room 209. Paul is supported by the Democratic Party of Illinois.