Saturday, February 04, 2006

Steve and Barb Have No Friends That title may sound a little childish, but I couldn't help myself after getting a look at the Steve Beckett/Barbara Wysocki list of endorsements on their website. Talk about pathetic. The only current elected officials on the list are State's Attorney Julia Rietz, Cunningham Township Assesor Joanne Chester, and fellow District 9 conspirator/crappy website designer/failed businessman Brendan McGinty.

Compare that with the Kirchner/Bell list of endorsements, which includes 8 members of the County Board, two Urbana city-wide elected officials, three members of the Urbana City Council, three members of the Champaign City Council, and the City of Champaign Township Supervisor.

I don't know why Steve Beckett is smiling in this picture, because he's soon gonna be spending a lot more time in the Law library :)


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