Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Did Chapin Rose "Flip-Flop"?

Yesterday the House approved HB4607 as introduced. On 1/25 Chapin Rose listed himself as a co-sponsor of the bill. On 2/7/2006 the same day the bill passed he took himself off as a co-sponsor and voted no to the bill.

Many Republicans criticized John Kerry for being a flip-flopper because he voted for the war money before voting against it. Their mentality is stay the course whether right or wrong. If the facts are not with you invoke truthiness.

Liberals and intelligent people in general tend to think that people find out about new facts and other evidence comes to light and people can change opinions.

So the question is did Chapin Rose “flip-flop,” since he supported HB4607 right before he voted against HB4607 or did something come to light to make him change his opinion on that issue?


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As a former prosecutor...


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