Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Beckett and Wysocki Republican fundraiser

So apparently Barb Wysocki and Steve Beckett are having a fundraiser at John Dimits (A well known republican) household, that happens to be located on a street called Plantation Point. Am I the only one who finds the humor in this?

Update: John Dimit is the head of the RDC which takes a lot of money from the county. Conflict of interests anyone?

Monday, January 30, 2006

GOP Primary Prediction

Ok, The Listener prediction based on little evidence, just seeing and meeting the candidates a couple times. Topinka is going to start losing ground very soon, due to her moderate social positions. Oberweis is going to gain for a little bit and then stabilize to a level that he can't break out of. Gidwitz will stay near the bottom of the pack. Brady is going to be the candidate, he will be gaining a lot of points in the next couple months, and due to Topinkas falling numbers, and Oberweis stabilizing, he will end up beating the pack with a vote total of over 50%. Anyone have any thoughts?

Friday, January 27, 2006

County Board Passes Domestic Partner Policy

Last night the Champaign county board ok'd the domestic partner policy that has been discussed for a while over the heads of 7 republicans. One of the most vehement opponents was everyone's favorite, Scott Tapley. Scott says "I think something like this, domestic partner benefits, devalues the value of marriage," "It creates an equivalent of marriage. Any time you do that, you devalue the original." "A domestic partnership is easier to dissolve than marriage, and it's therefore much more unstable for a family unit,"

So heres my question:
Following Mr. Tapleys logic, wouldn't it make sense then to allow homosexual couples to marry?
It wouldn't be easier to dissolve and it would not be a false equivalent. It would be marriage, for two people that love each other.

We wouldn't need domestic partner benefits if people like Tapley would get on board with the gay marriage train.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Distict 9

Steve Beckett, Barbara Wysocki, and Brendan McGinty worked with the county board republicans to put themselves into the three top positions on the county board in spite of the wishes of the Democratic caucus, voted against the minority study, wanted to spend the money going to the minority study on new executive offices (cause we all know Mark Shelden needs a new chair), and say that they would be willing to do the same thing again next time. So what does anyone think that their chances for re-election are in the second most democratic district in the county?(note: Brendan is not up for re-election to the county board, though he does have an opponent for precinct committeeman)